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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  January 11, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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activities and where is that snow falling and how much you can expect in the area? let's go to sue palka live and the good thing, we have a break from some of the whipping winds. >> reporter: the winds will probably kick up again tomorrow and what we're seeing here is not snow but freezing rain and the temperatures, 30 degrees in the direction. can i hear a car on harrison and i think he was skating a bit and some streets are wet out here and even our cameraman said that his -- and that equipment is beginning to get a glaze of ice on that and perhaps that is freezing rain. and we're taking the numbers down and this is not going to get its act together for us to get a significant snowfall and that is going to be minor and there is a band of snow to the east at 40 miles an hour and that is here in this picture and that is going to come on through and you might get a light coating of code and --
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snow and again, that is a fine mist and significant enough thatky see it and the coastal part of the storm is weak and disorganized and will be a big storm, three to six inches for phily and a half a foot in new york and in boston n. our area, going to be an inch in some spots and maybe not everyone gets that and advisories have been dropped to our west and we remain under an advisory until 6:00 in the morning and we better keep an eye on the mitt falling, too and there are more details later. >> you have the perfect anchor hair right now. >> and -- >> there you go. the snow is beginning to fall and local schools didn't want to take chances earlier and many closed two hours early to make sure students were not stuck on some bad roads. roz plater is live in waldorf where charles county schools
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led out early and even though there is not that much snow yet. >> reporter: good evening, will and there is snow snow but rain and cold temperatures. you have to feel for the folks who do this job. it's a job where you're darned if you do and don't and you have to make a decision early with the best information and have to air on the side of caution because they're talking about the safety of which were. in charles county, the elementary schools get out about 4:00 p.m. and that is about the time they were expecting the peak of the snowstorm and visibility is poor for all of the bus drivers. and school officials say the forecast was similar to what they had last time. the things turned to ice quickly and buses were sliding into ditches and they made a decision to chose schools two hours early and had parents scrambling. >> and i figured it would be bitter to work at home and be here in case they do get out. >> and that is tough.
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we try early on to say it's winter and the weather schedules that and most parents are good and would rather we brought the children home safely. >> reporter: the county is suburban and rural. the backroads are treacherous with bus drivers and even with pretreating and they're asking parents to be patient with them and they'll send road crews and teams to survey the roads about 3:00 in the morning and once they get the information back, the superintendent will make the call about 5:00 in the morning, will? >> roz plater live in waldorf. thank you. and some maryland road crews started yesterday, pretreating the roads to keep the snow from sticking and this is from awe anne arundel county and trucks are coming in and loading up with salt and if you see salt trucks or snow flows -- plows, officials are telling us to let them know to have
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plenty of room to get the job done and d.c. has more than 300 out and mayor gray said bridges, ramps and spots that become slick early on were pretreated yesterday and some crews moved into neighborhoods today. >> thy began spreading salt on the residential streets and the purpose is to try to be able to have that in place and to be able to start that melting process before cars get home and start to park in the spaces and then they are inaccessible. >> rush hour parking is still in effect for the morning and be sure to move your car so crews can plow as needed. more than 1300 trucks are in northern virginia and ready to take care of problems popping up and this is that live look at i-66 and cub run. the crews pretreated trouble spots like 66 and 95, 395 and the beltway yesterday, including bridges and ramps and some other major roads were
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pretreated and salt trucks are prepositioned throughout the area to quickly respond during evening rush. and be sure to wake up with the fox 5 morning news team for the latest on the winter storm, read conditions and school -- road conditions and school closings, starting at 3:55 tomorrow. to the latest on the tragedy in tucson. more encouraging news on the recovery of gabrielle giffords. the surgeon leading the medical team is breathing on her own to prevent infection. the congresswoman is said to be alert and responding to doctor's commands, moving both of her arms and we're following some breaking news out of tucson. the family of the gunman, jared loughner, released a statement expressing sorrow for what happened, saying in part they don't understand the heinous events and the statement goes on to say the family cares deeply about the victims and their families and that there
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are no words that could express how they feel and mass will be held for the six victims fatally shot. meanwhile, the 22-year-old suspect we motioned, loughner is being held without bail in phoenix after the initial court appearance. adam housley is live in tucson with the latest. and let's start with some developing news. arizona lawmakers are rushing to pass a law that would protect the families of victims from funeral protests. what do you know about this? >> reporter: that is moving forward, we're told, at this hour and that is in response to the news that came out that some of the funerals will be protested and including the young girls and -- they're trying to rush that through and to have the governor sign it and before you came us to, we have been listening to the
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sherrivive speak and he has been candid saying that two of his close friends were shot and we knew he was close with the judge and congresswoman and reiterated and that and that is why he came out forcefully and secondly, he won't back down from the comments he feels the rhetoric is what led to this, even though there has not been one piece of evident to tie the shooter and that is -- . >> and i have been told by one person, there is a possibility to tell the sheriff to shut up and that they don't want him to taint the case. >> controversial and started a national discussion on this topic and move to the memorial mass planned for this evening and another with president obama. what do you know? >> the judge and the daily parishioner and that a young girl went there as well and that is to happen this evening and her family tells us that --
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and they have a lot of relatives and tomorrow night, that is when that big event will happen and that is 6:00 local time 8:00 eastern time. the university of arizona was supposed to start classes tomorrow, a large university and they postponed them for the next day and that is no problems or hitches. >> the community is rallying around the victims and the victim's families. we look forward to your continuing reporting from tucson, arizona. >> no problem. and nearly 6 in 10 americans say their rhetoric is not to blame for the shooting rampage. according to a new cbs news poll, 57% of those surveyed said the harsh political tone has nothing to do with that shooting compared to 32% who felt it did and republicans were likely to feel the two were unrelated and while
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democrats were split on the issue and we want to know what you think about this and you can leave your comments on our facebook page. search for the fox 5 news edge. a county executive takes to the air waves as the police department investigates the 11th murder in 11 days. >> we're beefing up every area and where we are seeing the spike in the crimes. >> the plan to curb the violence after another murder. plus, an internet sensation ends up at the police station. you have seen him all over youtube, 20 million people have and why ted williams was detained.
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>> prince georges county detectives are investigating the 11th murder in 11 days there, saying this is drug- related. the 22-year-old university of maryland student shot to death in a home he was renting with
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roommates and seven of the others have been drug-related, according to them. the police chief said that some of the cases are now nearly closed. the county executive baker said he's concerned about the spike in homicides in the new year and that police are on top of it. and baker said the spike that the county saw is the most dramatic in recent years. >> clearly, we're concerned about what is going on and these appear to be either drug about-related incidents or members of rival factions. in one case, it was domestic violence and we're concerned about it and the police chafe -- chief is on top of it. >> the police are building up and have detectives from other unites and the divisions dealing with crime investigation and drug enforcement. and the ohio man with the
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golden voice had to talk to police. he was briefly detained by l.a.p.d. last night after getting into a shouting match with one of his daughters at a hollywood hotel and this is youtube footage. more than 20 million people saw this and the rest is history. i saw him on entertainment tonight last night. the argument was so heated, a hotel employee had to call police. they were held at the police station for less than an hour, talking to them and making sure everything was okay. no charges and no arrests and he was on dr. phil today and tomorrow with his family at 3:00. the wait is finally over. the iphone is coming to verizon and at&t said they going to mess out if you make the switch. details on the other side of the break. [ male announcer ] rockin out to the big hot pastrami.
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>> it was the handshake that many iphone a fish yo nodos
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were a waiting. they made their partnership official in new york and fox 5 money reporter melanie alnwick is following the developments. much anticipated now and official, right? >> that is right. will from rumor to reality. the first question everyone had was when is it going to be available? february 3rd to existingver irk zon customers and february 10th to everyone else. >> and today we're gratified to announce the i4.4 will be part of the great verizon portfolios of products. >> and -- [ applause ] >> and verizon wireless chief operating officer and apples tim cook and others made the announcement in new york. the iphone 4 will be available and in a 16-gig model for 200
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another of the for 300 on february 10th, it will be stored in apple and verizon stores and one feature that at&t doesn't have is mobil wi- fi and they'll use the phone as a mobile hotspot for up to five devices and an extra fee, of course and another thing is whether it would be on the 4g network and that won't be. verizon is going to put it on the 3g network and that was an emdecision and that means users, though, won't be able to access data and have issued a statement and for those who want the access speed to talk and an unsurpassed global coverage, the only choice is at&t and that war begins for
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iphone customers. >> no, not so bad as log as it doesn't accumulate and when school is out early, right? >> that's right, and we're getting more of that than no and that -- than snow and we'll look at that in a moment and there are a lost reports of light, freezing drizzle and they got some icing on it and tucker said his is icy and there is light, freezing drizzle in the region and they're out treating roads and some many roads. they might get icy here. many places are below freezing. >> and we have the radar in snow machine mode and that is moving west to east in the pinch area here and that is where we're getting some
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freezing drizzle and some slight showing up and this could put down a quick coating as it moves to the east and there is some snow in the shoulders there and as we go to the bigger picture, this is not getting the act together for our region and there is not going to be a lot of snow and that is going to be a light mix of freezing rain and some snow around an inch. the winter weather advisories are up and we going have to watch what happens in northeastern maryland. they will be closinger to the action and we have one storm coming from the south. not showing up very well and weak and disorganized and the second piece of energy that is stronger is having the effect of pushing the coastal storm farther to the east and that is going to be a swing and a miss for the d.c. area, some stuff and at this point, i would say that i am more worried about what is going on with the freezing drizzle and the glazing there. the winter weather advisory is in and out this afternoon.
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and we remain under it and awhile ago, some of the counties got dropped out and that is reissued. there are not many of us not under the effect of a winter weather advisory for this point for a light accumulation and a bit of a mix and close by as delaware. winter storm warnings for several inches of snow, philadelphia and northeastern maryland, they could get three to six inches of snow and that is going to be big snow for new york city, too and going to get thunder and lightning with it and that will occur later tonight as the snow, our storm starts to intensify and we're not talking about a lot of snow and it's light freezing drizzle that we seeing tonight and that means untreated surfaces will get slick and a blustery cold day for us tomorrow. the storm is out of here and we're feeling the effects of it in terms of the wind and the temperatures, everyone is below freezing and with that exception of fredericksburg, we have a concern of the mix creating some slippery spots. the winter weather advisory until 1 in the morning now, and
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27 degrees in d.c. and chilly sunshine and blustery. a quick look at the planner here and some in the morning, 29 by noon and 36 by 5:00 and 35 degrees. see if i can jump over the next map. i want to show you the accumulations. that is the money graphic, right? and that is what you want to see. the storm pulls out and is away. looks like an inch for us and to the north, perhaps, and that is a potential for one to three inches in the overnight hours and the five-day forecast, we'll watch the area to the north and as our storm intensifies, they might be catching the five-day forecast there and that is going to be coal on thursday and 33 degrees on friday. about 35 and our next is looks like it's coming through next week and there will be some rain and look at the temperature on sunday, climbing to 40 and that feels like a heat wave. >> you're prepared with the boots you're wearing. >> and that swing-and-miss comment brings us into the next segment but not baseball.
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it's basketball. the wizards have been horrible on the road and better at home and income, the team goes for the 10th win of the season and it was a seismic shock. that incredible touchdown run that helped the seahawks upset the saints in the play-offs and that shook the ground around seattle's qwest field and picked up activity around the time of the 67-up. everything -- 67-yard run. we'll be right back. 
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>> good afternoon, the washington wizards have woes and have been well-documented. 0-18 on the road. the only z-fer in the league. at home, 9-8 where we find them tonight and hosting the sacramento kings. lindsay murphy is among the people downtown. >> reporter: and lucky for the wizard when is they play the sacramento kings. they will have the services of
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both john wall and match. both play -- and blatch. it was last month, december and in sacramento. the wizards lost 116-91 and that was in the mouth all this week. the more aggressive team will win tonight and despite the 9 wins this year, his team is in good spirits. >> we were getting blown out and -- >> and we know we're not that far away and with some progress and worked on the defense and with some progression and that is a matter of making progress and to be able to compete and into the fourth quarter. >> it's no secret that the wizards are 0-18 on the road and good news for them, the last five times they played sacramento here, they won and hope they make it 6 in a row
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tonight. >> and i like their chance, thank you very much. and before departing tomorrow night for the road game against lake forest, the matchup is falling three days after a difficult loss at duke and gary williams can shoot free-throws and, b, his team is feeling good. >> we're not down at all conferencewise and we feel we can play. we have to prove it now and feel that we're a basketball team. if you look at who we lost to this year. we're a better team than in november. you have to show it. >> the terps continue acc play tomorrow night at winston-salem against lake forest. the tipoff is at 8:00 p.m. and can be seen on my 20, our sister station. this morning, the d.c. professional team owners came together for a panel of discussion, a power room with dan snider and robber tannenbaum and barbara learner
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tannenbaum and dan snider smoke on the importance of being a win -- speck on being the importance of being a winner in the nation's capitol. >> a city needs winners and the city needs the redskins to win and also needs, we hope this year, ted, he wins it this year for us, and it's in need of the teams to perform. >> when you create a championship, that is a lifelong themry and that is the business we're in and i guarantee you that dan wins a super bowl, we win a stanley cup and they win a world series and we'll cry like babies. >> we'll all cry. alex ovechkin and mike green were selected to play in the all-star game and look to sweep the home and home series with the panthers in florida and that that is your sports. back to you, i'm dave feldman. >> now you have the news knowledge. the news is always on and remember, fox 5 morning news starts a half hour early tomorrow to keep you informed
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of the roads and weather. keep it here, tmz on tv. next. 
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